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In today's world, the price of basic commodities, education, fuel etc. is on the rise. Salaries and family income often seems to fall short by the end of the month. This panic situation is normally faced by almost every person who wants to give the best to their family but are restrained due to income limitations.  

Please read on if you would be interested in having a parallel home based source of income where you can make some extra money at your own convenience in your free time without affecting your routine, all that you need is to be computer literate with knowledge of Microsoft excel, please DO NOT assume this to be a regular data entry project  where you are bound to many limitations which seem to make working impossible by the time you have to submit your work. Here we give you complete freedom to work the way you find it comfortable. By saying freedom we actually mean COMPLETE ABSOLUTE FREEDOM. A computer and a basic access to internet and you are all set to make some good healthy money for you and your family.

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